photo by Tash de Valois

Marcelle Marais is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary Artist whose work contorts the realms of comfort in a surreal and psychologically enthralling experience. Bending worlds between the provocative and the confrontational. The perverse and the grotesque. The sacred and the profane. Often infusing deeply personal experiences to reach a greater communion with her audience. She blurs the lines between human and animal creating abstractions out of conditioned restraints.

Her background as a musician has provided her with an intuitive understanding for the moving image married with sound. Over the years her art practice has expanded to include music videos for bands through creative interpretations of their recordings and live performances. She has worked with clients of various genres including Altar de Fey, Psychic Hit, [A]drenochrom[E] and Sangreal Records.

She has exhibited and performed internationally and across coasts of the United States. With notable mentions being; The Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City, Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, Saint Vitus in Brooklyn New York, SOMArts in San Francisco, Artists' Television Access in San Francisco and The First Church of the Buzzard in Oakland California.

She currently resides in Oakland California